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By: Amit Choudhary | July 27, 2017

While working with Dynamics CRM Plugins, the thumb rule for Plugin Registration is:

  • If you are working with CRM On-Premise, use Plugin isolation mode as None.
  • If you are working with CRM Online, use Plugin isolation mode as Sandbox.
So, now the scenario is you are working on big implementation for CRM On Premise. Now your organization decides to move to CRM Online. The first task comes to mind is to move all the Plugins to Sandbox mode and see if they are still working considering running Plugin in sandbox comes with some limitations (such as you cannot access file system/registries/external assemblies/protocols/IP Addresses etc).

To convert the Plugin assemblies to Sandbox mode, one option is to open Plugin Registration tool and convert the a...

By: Amit Choudhary | June 28, 2017

We had earlier published a blog for Dynamics 365 Business Process Flow Enhancement. However, some points should be considered before upgrading to Dynamics 365.

1. Publisher Entity Prefix: When we implement Dynamics CRM, it automatically creates a default publisher with Entity Prefix as "new_". So if you are using Business Process Flow in your environment, make sure to check that all of your publisher has correct Prefix. The reason is as I mentioned in my previous blog that now for each Business Process Flow there would be an entity to support concurrent business process flows. Therefore, when you upgrade to Dynamics 365, for each existing Business Process, an entity would be created with prefix as described in Solution Publisher. ...

By: Amit Choudhary | June 04, 2017

Here is the generic Web API Library. 

Click here to download the Generic Web API Library.

To see how to use the function. Click here to see the demo function for retrieveRecord.

Please post in the comments box if you have any question regarding the usage of each function.

To see more about demo function and understanding how to create query in Web API, please check my previous post.

By: Amit Choudhary | May 19, 2017

Below is the code for Web API to Retrieve Record by entity ID along with helper function. The signature of the function is same as you might have seen in SDK.REST.js library. However, I have added two additional parameters:

  • isAsync- Boolean. If isAsync is set to true, the request would be executed Asynchronously. In SDK.REST.js, it was hard-coded and sent as true.
  • impersonatedUserId- Guid of the User. If you would like to execute the JS, in context of other user, you can pass the user id. To run in the logged-in user's context, pass the parameter as NULL.


  • _getFormattedValue - When you want to retrieve the OptionSet Label/Lookup text, you can use the _getFormattedValue function specified in the library.
  • _getLookupEntityLogicalName -For...

By: Amit Choudhary | May 13, 2017

With CRM 2016, Microsoft introduced support for WebApi. As per the Microsoft recommendation that is the future direction to go. However, unlike earlier, they did not provide any generic library (like SDK.REST.js). So we were working on developing similar generic library, so that it is easy to develop the code with WebApi.

We have developed similar library on the same base of SDK.Rest library. So the learning curve to WebApi can be reduced. In the upcoming blogs, I would be explaining how to use WebApi and will upload the generic WebApi library.

Stay tuned for the generic library...



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