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By: Amit Choudhary | January 12, 2018


Recently, I was trying to update a record via Web API in Dynamics 365:

entity['new_parentcustomerid@odata.bind'] = contactId

However, it threw below error:

“An undeclared property ‘new_parentCustomerId’ which only has property annotations in the payload but no property value was found in the payload. In OData, only declared navigation properties and declared named streams can be represented as properties without values.”

I explored multiple blogs and tried to look for the solutions but everyone suggested to use Schema Name but it did not work.


Finally, after investigation, I resolved it as below:

1. Go to Settings-->Customization-->Developer Resources.

2. click on Download oData Metadata link under Instance Web API.

3. ...

By: Amit Choudhary | October 02, 2017

When you deploy Managed solution which contains Reports to CRM, those reports will also deployed as Managed reports. Later, if you need to delete that report, you can't really delete that report because of managed property. There are two ways to hide/remove those reports:

  • Hide from Report Area and Set to Individual (Recommended): This is the recommended approach. To perform this, you need to follow below steps:
    • Go to Reports Area. Select "All Reports, including sub reports view
    • Select the report and Click on Edit.
    • Remove Report Area from the "Display In" field. Basically, nothing should be selected there.
    • Save the report.
    • From Actions menu, choose "Revert to Personal use".
  • Delete from Database (Unsupported, NOT Recommended...

By: Amit Choudhary | August 25, 2017

Microsoft recently releases source code for Dynamics 365 Portals (formerly known as ADX Studio Portal). follow below link to download:

By: Amit Choudhary | August 22, 2017

In my previous blog posts about Business Process Flows, I discussed about how to Set Business Process flow dynamically and how to switch stages automatically by code. However, when you create a new record, it will set the first valid Business Process Flow defined for that entity as per user's security role. However, if there are multiple Business Process Flows for that entity, it would set the first Business Process Flow as default.

What if you want to set the specific Business Process Flow based upon some condition while creating the record?

Follow below steps to set the Business Process Flow while creating the record:

Step 1: Find the entity form ID from form URL. e.g.  c86fd132-dcac-4b44-bb4d-4e89c7fcc35f

Step 2: Find the Business Proc...

By: Amit Choudhary | July 31, 2017

Why do you need to know last login Date?

CRM uses Active Directory authentication. So if user left the company, user will be removed from Active Directory but in CRM, it is still an active user unless you have some automation running behind the scene to disable the user in CRM. Active User means he is using CRM license and hence unnecessary cost. Another scenario could be he is not using CRM at all. So one solution to above issue could be to identify when the user last logged in to CRM. If last login date is not in last certain number of days, you can disable the user.

How can I find the last access date and time for a User?

Well, there are various ways to find out.

Dynamics CRM 2016 or lower On Premise:

   You can execute be...



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