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By: Amit Choudhary | October 30, 2015

In high transaction CRM system, it is often possible that two users are working on same record and updating record at the same time. This might result in data loss. For example, you opened a contact record and trying to update Mobile number for that contact. At the same time, another user opened record and trying to update Last Name. Suppose they both clicked the save button at almost same time. What will happen? The update request which reaches later will be the end result of data. So the first update request will get lost. 

To avoid these kind of scenarios Microsoft introduced Optimistic Concurrency with CRM 2015 Online Update 1. This feature is not yet available for CRM on premise.

How to enable Concurrency Behavior for Entities:


By: Amit Choudhary | October 25, 2015

From performance point of view, isn't it a good idea to know the average execution time for CRM Plugin?

Well, if we know the Avg execution time for the plugin, it might be easier to nail down some performance issues. Below is the query to find out Avg execution time for CRM Plugin:

SELECT PTB.Name, AverageExecuteTimeInMilliseconds, FailureCount, FailurePercent, ExecuteCount

FROM PluginTypeStatisticBase PTSB

JOIN PluginTypeBase PTB on PTSB.PluginTypeId = PTB.PluginTypeId

ORDER BY AverageExecuteTimeInMilliseconds

However, the above query will only work for those plugins, if plugins are registered in Sandbox isolation mode.

By: Amit Choudhary | October 25, 2015

When CRM plugin runs in response to a registered execution pipeline event, IPluginExecutionContext class contains information about the information related to the execution pipeline and entity business information. The context provides Input Parameters. It also provides Pre-Image and Post-Image, if these are configured during plugin registration. So what is the difference between Input Parameters and Pre-Image? When to use what?

Here is the difference between Input Parameters and Pre-Image?

Input Parameters property bag will only contain modified attributes during that transaction. However, Pre-Image/Post-Image will contain all those attributes which were selected while registering the plugin regardless attributes got modified or not. 



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