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By: Amit Choudhary | November 04, 2015

Microsoft provides multiple deployment options for CRM implementation, Online and On-Premise. The main difference is that for CRM online infrastructure and application is hosted at Microsoft cloud. However, in On-Premise, it is hosted at client network. Earlier, customers were hesitant to move their data to cloud especially financial sector (banks and insurance industry) because of data sensitivity and security.

For last few years, we have seen advancement in cloud technology including security enhancements. So companies are showing interest in showing their interest in moving to cloud so that there is no headache to maintain infrastructure and infrastructure resources. By moving to cloud, we need not to worry about upgrades and supported infrastructure for new versions. 

From cost perspective, you need to pay upfront software license fee for On Premise so its costly from initial cost perpective. However, for online implementation perspective, you need to pay per user license fee which is less.

Joel Lindstorm from Hitachi solutions written a good article on comparison of CRM Online vs On-Premise.  So I am adding the table as it is from his blog. Thanks Joel Lindstorm for that!

Capability CRM Online CRM On Premise
Exchange Synchronization CRM for Outlook, Email Router, or Server Synchronization (if using Exchange Online/O365) CRM for Outlook, Email Router, or Server Synchronization (both Online and on premise)
SharePoint Integration Server Side Server Side
Inside View (Insights) Included Additional cost
Social Listening Included Additional cost
Workflows/dialogs 200 Unlimited
Custom Entities 300 Unlimited
SSRS Reporting FetchXML, or T-SQL from a locally replicated reporting server FetchXML or T-SQL
Power BI Reporting Yes No
Office 365 Groups Yes No
Immersive Excel Online Yes No
Mobile Apps Yes Yes with IFD and Office 365
Offline Mobile Yes No
CRM for Outlook Yes Yes
CRM Outlook App[1] Yes No
OneNote Integration Yes No
Upgrade/Update process Office 365 admin approves the upgrade before it is installed, update rollups applied automatically Upgrades and update rollups installed my your administrator
Direct server access No Yes
Phone App Yes Yes if environment externally facing via ADFS
Tablet App Yes Yes if environment externally facing via ADFS
Storage Limited to the amount of CRM Online storage purchased Limited to the amount of storage available on your server
Release cycle Two releases per year. Spring release functionality exclusive to CRM Online, so new functionality available online first. Fall release released to both CRM Online and On Premises, includes the functionality released in the Spring release.
Migrating CRM Online customers can migrate On Premises at any time. SQL database provided to client at scheduled time that can be imported to an On Premises deployment. CRM On Premises customers can migrate to CRM Online and customization for entities can be imported; however, on premises database cannot be moved to Online data center, so a data migration is required.
Sandbox environments CRM Online provides non production environments as part of your subscription that can be used for dev/test/UAT. The number of organizations received depends on the number of users. Non production environments can be installed, depending on local server availability.



MoCA Offline

Unmapped profiles

CRM organization import

Input Parameters

CRM Plugin

Plugin context

Outlook Client

Outlook Client Statistics


Plugin execution time

Debug Javascript

Debug Javascript in MoCA

Optimistic Concurrency




Dynamics CRM 2016

new capabilities in CRM 2016

CRM 2016 Release Preview

What's new in CRM 2016

What's coming in CRM 2016

CRM 2016 Release Notes

CRM Online

CRM On Premise

Online vs On Premise

Online and On Premise comparison

CRM 2015

Stored Procedure

Out of the Box Stored Procedure

OOTB Stored Procedure




Xrm Snippets

CRM JavaScript


Full Text Search


CRM 2015 UR1

Everything about Full Text Search

Multi Entity Search Performance issue

Enable Full Text Search in CRM


CRM Interview Question

Interview Question

Interview Questions

MSCRM Interview Question

Microsoft CRM Interview Question

Configure columns for Multi Entity Search

Multi Entity Search

Configure View Columns

View Columns for Multi Entity Search

Configure Global Search view

configure view Columns

Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 Update 1

8 2 1

Data Import

Data Import permission

MSCRM Data Import


MSCRM Import

MSCRM Data Import privileges

MSCRM Data Import Security Role

Business Process Flow

Business Process Flow Enhancements

Business Process Flow with Dynamics 365

CRM 8 2 1 Business Process Flow

Dynamics 365 Business Process Flow

Concurrent Business Process Flow


Generic WebApi library for CRM

WebApi for CRM

WebApi library for CRM



Webpi for Dynamics CRM

WebApi for Dynamics 365

Generic library

generic Web Api

Business Process Flow issues

Business Process Flow issues and solution

Dynamics 365 Business Process Flow issues

Upgrade Plugin to Sandbox Mode


Sandboxed Plugins

Move Plugins to Sandbox Mode

Move Plugins to Sandbox Mode Customization xml

Customization xml edit for Plugin

Move None to Sandbox

Move None to Sandbox CRM Plugin

last login date

last access date

last access time

user access

user access audit

last login time

CRM last login date

CRM last access date

CRM last access time

CRM user access

CRM user access audit

CRM last login time

User Access Online

Last Login CRM Online

Default Business Process Flow

Default Process Flow on Load

Default Business Process Flow On Load

Default Business Process Flow on Create

Default Process flow on Create

ADX Portal

ADX Portal Source code

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Portals

Dynamics 365 Portals



Unsupported Code

Delete Reports

Delete Reports form CRM

Delete Managed Reports

Delete Out of the Box Reports

Delete CRM Reports

Unsupported CRM Code

Dynamics 365 WebAPI

Dynamics 365 WebAPI update lookup

Update Lookup WebAPI

WebAPI for CRM Update

Update Lookup CRM WebAPI

Update Customer lookup via webapi

Update Regarding lookup via WebAPI