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By: Amit Choudhary | October 27, 2015

When you are working on MoCA, you know how difficult it is to debug Javascript (JS). Unlike browsers, in MoCA, we do not have developer tools to debug JS since its a tablet app. It is not running on browser. So how to debug JS if it is only failing in MoCA and working correctly in browser. 

There is one traditional method where you remove/disable some function calls and try to see where the error is coming. Then put some alert messages to identify where the error is coming. Well, this process is very time consuming since after every JS change, you need to close the MoCA app, start again, it will download the customization again. I mean very frustrating.

The other approach we can think of if there is any way, we can take advantage of developer...

By: Amit Choudhary | October 25, 2015

Draft Records
Draft Records

Along with CRM 2013, Microsoft released mobile application for Dynamics CRM named as Mobile Client Application (MoCA). However, with release of Dynamics CRM 2015 app, Microsoft released  functionality to create record while you are offline. With Offline draft records, users will have following functionality:

  • Create records while you are offline or not connected to network.
  • Drafts records can be created by clicking on Draft button on Sitemap while you are offline. It will show number of draft records once created.
  • As soon as you come online, you can open draft records and click on Save to get it Sync with CRM. In future versions (Probably in UR2 of on-Premise), Draft records will automatically gets sync with CRM instance.
  • Draft records can be di...

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